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    New Digital Art

    Coffee Time - Jose Rojas art
    Coffee Time


    2 traditional coffee making tools that are a big part of our daily lives. We all know the symbollic powers of this tool. It enhance our daily lives. Coffee time is Good Times. Digital Art by Artist Jose Rojas. Made using colorful shapes on illustrator to create an illustration of 2 identical coffee makers facing each other. 

    Jose Rojas Untitled painting

    Art - Jose Rojas

    We are thrilled to announce that Jose Rojas Untitled painting is on exhibit online @ www.nothingbutchaos.com . All new art by  Jose Rojas is now at the gallery and available. A new collection of works, all posted on the website. ---------

    Artist Jose Rojas is Taking Charge in NYC

    Jose Rojas is making a splash in the New York art world with his paintings, photographs and online gallery. Jose Rojas is slowly taking charge in NYC. This unknown artist keeps pushing the art boundaries with his passionate art pieces.

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    Top Drawings of 2018

    New York, NY, Jose Rojas Online Art Gallery is pleased to present his Top Drawings in White, Black of 2018. This small 6x9 Drawings are part of a collection made on sketchbook paper and ink pen. 

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