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    Top Drawings of 2018

    New York, NY, Jose Rojas Online Art Gallery is pleased to present his Top Drawings in White, Black of 2018. This small 6x9 Drawings are part of a collection made on sketchbook paper and ink pen. 

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    Jose Rojas Art News

    Jose Rojas, the artist has more than 30 year's experience in making art and studying the visual arts market and it’s trend to create more effective ways to make art.. His blog offers new art, advice on how, what and where to sell your art, as well as video clips and links to helpful books and inspirational pieces to inspire your soul. Art can help you reduce any mental health relate issues you may have. It has help me become more humble and peaceful.

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    Greatest Jose Rojas Paintings

    Some of the Greatest Paintings never seen by New York City artist Jose Rojas. He creates passionate art pieces like no other. Jose Rojas influences range from Hip Hop to the greatest Artist known to many. Jose Rojas makes some of the best unknown art pieces you need to know and see.

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    New Art - From Jose Rojas Gallery

    Solo exhibition Of Jose Rojas Presented By Nothing But Chaos Group Inc. A close look of his urban art culture experience. Jose Rojas its a warrior of Mental Health awareness and considered himself an advocate to this cause. Jose Rojas Art is made with Love and hopes it makes you happy when you experience his work. 

    Jose Rojas art